Puppies Over 12 Weeks

Or Toy Dogs Over 5Kg
Try any raw food
Raw Food Freedom!

At this stage, your growing pup can now eat any of our delicious meals so, we recommend any of the recipes for these puppies.

The more proteins the better! Give plenty of variety as It’s the best nutrional start you can give them.

How much to feed will depend on their weight. So pop their weight into the calculator every week.

Like babies, puppies are growing so fast and they need to increase their intake every week

Perfect for Toy Dogs

Our sausages are absolutely fantastic for Toy dogs. Each sausage is complete, and perferctly portioned at 42grams so you can measure every day.

We suggest taking as many sausages as you need in the day and leaving the rest in the freezer. No waste, no handling, perfect for you and your Toy dog.

Rawgeous Pick 'n' Mix Box

Our Rawgeous Pick 'n' Mix box is designed to be as easy as possible for the owner, and as delicious as possible for the pup. Simply select how much food you need delivered, the recipes you need and when you want it; and we'll handle the rest!

As your puppy grows up, you can easily switch to new recipes and choose from our fabulous selection of Raw food designed to keep dogs of all sizes and ages healthy and happy forever.

For guidance on how much food is required, you can use our calculator app in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, or, visit our handy guide instead.