Rejuvenate - Ultimate All-Round Pet Supplement
Rejuvenate - Ultimate All-Round Pet Supplement

Rejuvenate - Ultimate All-Round Pet Supplement

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Introducing Rejuvenate - the ultimate supplement designed to enhance your furry friend's wellbeing and give them a new leash on life! Created by a team of experts including nutritionists, canine behavior specialists, and zoologists, Rejuvenate is packed with natural ingredients specifically chosen to promote healthy coats, joints, and digestive systems.

Fish collagen

A vital component that many senior dogs often lack, leading to joint problems and a lower quality of life. Replenishing their natural collagen with Rejuvenate can enhance their mobility, reduce joint pain, and improve their overall wellbeing.

Egg shell powder

Another ingredient in Rejuvenate that provides your dog with calcium - essential for strong bones. By incorporating this natural calcium source into their diet, you can help prevent and even treat conditions like arthritis and rheumatism without the risk of dangerous bone splintering and fragmentation.


A type of microalgae, is also included in Rejuvenate. Known for its detoxifying properties, chlorella can boost your furry friend's immune system and promote gastrointestinal health, leading to easier digestion and a range of other health benefits.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

For senior dogs suffering from arthritis and rheumatism, Rejuvenate contains glucosamine and chondroitin, which can significantly reduce inflammation and pain around joints. Additionally, MSM, an organic compound containing sulphur, acts as an antioxidant and natural analgesic to block pain receptors.


Rejuvenate also includes L-Taurine - an amino acid that promotes healthy cardiovascular function and supports the immune system. With low-quality dog food often linked to cardiovascular issues, Rejuvenate offers the perfect solution.

Coconut water

Coconut water is not only a trendy drink for humans but also a hydrating source of electrolytes, potassium, calcium, and Vitamin C.


A common flower, are a complete source of vitamins and minerals that contribute to your dog's overall health and wellbeing.

Vitamins C & E

Rejuvenate also includes Vitamins C and E. Vitamin C helps boost your dog's immune system and enhances their coat and fur health. On the other hand, Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties that promote healthy joints in later life while also soothing the skin.

Rejuvenate is the perfect supplement to keep your furry friend healthy, happy, and active!


Not suitable for Puppies 🐶

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