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Rawgeous is complete & balanced raw dog food with a unique process that ensures safety with every bite. Awesome for adults & perfect for puppies.


Vinnie has been on Rawgeous for a year now. He was struggling with allergies and his skin. Since moving to his new raw diet they've all disappeared and his coat looks spectacular.

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We've been with Rawgeous since Feb 2021 and are massive advocates of this food. They're a family run business and invested in ensuring dogs receive the safest, nutritous human grade food.

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Traceable, tested & trusted

From traceability of ingredients, to testing every batch for zero nasties like Salmonella.

Our unique process ensures your dog has the safest diet, helping them to live a healthy, happy life.

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Our Ingredients

Complete & Balanced

No need to buy or add supplements, Rawgeous has everything your dog needs.

Zero Nasties

Every batch is independently lab tested for salmonella & bacteria.

Fresh Human Grade

We buy from the human food chain to make sure our ingredients are the very best.

Fully Traceable

Each pack is individual coded with ingredients origin for clear traceability.

Meet The Pack

You’re in complete control of the recipes in your subscription box.
Available in 500g or 1Kg packs

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Daily Feed Recommendation

500g per day

or approx 3.5kg per week

Diet Impacts Health

In an experiment, The University of Helsinki University weaned dogs that had eaten processed foods for their whole lives, onto raw food. These dogs showed an 81% decrease in disease markers in their bloodstream in only 3 months.

But remember, even if you move to raw, not all raw is the same...

Awesome For adults

Rawgeous is helping change dogs lives. Often seeing a major positive change in skin, coat, energy levels, digestion (and stool), breath, allergies and more.

See how we're changing dogs lives...

Perfect for puppies

Give your puppy the very best start in life with a Rawgeous diet. Feeding our special Three Bird Puppy Mix will ensure they grow into healthy, happy dogs.

Read our puppy feeding guide here...

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