Perfect for pups,
Awesome for adults.
The safest fresh, complete and balanced raw dog food, made with love and backed by science.
Bringing total transparency to dog food.

The diet we choose for our dog has the biggest impact on their health.

Rawgeous is the highest quality, safest, tastiest raw food, delivered frozen straight to your door. Every Rawgeous bite is Traceable, Tested and Trusted.

Feed with Confidence

Rawgeous is Traceable

Each single pack is coded to trace its ingredients back to the farm of origin.

Rawgeous is Tested

Every single batch is independently tested, carried out by ALT Labs to ensure safety with every bite.

Rawgeous is Trusted

A trusted provider of true human-grade raw meals certified by HACCP food regulations.

Every Dog's Hero

"With Rawgeous, you can guarantee that the quality and safety standards are some of the best you'll find in the industry. Their batch-testing allows customers to rest assured that their dog's are eating food that is technically safer than cooked, supermarket meat."

Lawrence Deeley

BSc Hons. Nutrition, The Pet Nutritionist

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