Our Tail

A family run business passionate about sharing the benefits of raw.

The ‘tale’ that wagged the Dog

We are a family, not a manufactured brand. We are Eoin and Lorraine; a nephew and an aunt who have spent years telling everybody we know about the amazing raw pet food we feed our dogs at home, until one day we realised that we had a best kept family secret recipe right under our noses that was too good not to share.

So we decided to roll up our sleeves and, with the support of Eoin’s dad John (and brother to Lorraine), we figured out how we could deliver our family’s Rawgeous pet food meals directly to your door, (because we are forward like that).

We are passionate about our Rawgeous pet food because we have seen how it has transformed the health of our own rescue dogs, how it has literally saved our animals lives and now we want to share that love with you.

And if that sounds bold, we should tell you that we’re not new to this.

The Original Butcher’s Dog

Our Uncle Ciaran is a butcher who saved a rescue dog, Tyler, by feeding him the same high quality meat he had served his customers for over 30 years.

Tyler, and Eoin’s dog Toby, are our chief recipe testers and these two rawgeous hounds represent the love that lies at the core of our business.

And beyond the love, the science:

Ciaran and Eoin have worked with animal nutritionists, raw pet food feeders and our own Dog Whisperer, an experienced dog breeder and trainer to develop an exceptional market-leading raw pet food: made with human grade meat, fresh vegetables and herbs and our Uncle Ciaran’s secret seasoning.

We are proud to be Europe’s first pet food to use approved, independent laboratory testing to guarantee the safety of every single batch that leaves our warehouse. Click HERE to read more.

We believe that Rawgeous Pet Food is the best, safest and tastiest raw pet food available, but don’t take our word for it, see what our customers are saying.