Our Tail

A family run business passionate about sharing the benefits of raw.

The tale that wagged the dog

We are a family owned company managed by aunt and nephew pair, Lorraine and Eoin. We spent years sharing raw food recipes with our dog-owning friends before realising it was too good not to share and going into business together. Not being a family to move slowly, we enlisted the help of John, Eoin’s father and Lorraine’s brother, and soon had a variety of products we could deliver direct to customers’ doors.

We are passionate about our Rawgeous pet food because we have seen how it has transformed the health and quality of life of our own rescue dogs. We’re not new to this, and simply want to share the love with other dog owners.


The Original Butcher’s Dog

In many ways, we are inspired by our Uncle Ciaran. A butcher by trade, we fondly remember how he fed his rescue dog, Tyler, exactly the same cuts he served his human customers for over thirty years.

Our recipes are tested on our own dogs, and we only produce and sell what we've seen them enjoy ourselves.

We have worked with animal nutritionists, raw pet food feeders, and dog behaviour specialists to develop an exceptional market-leading raw pet food made with human grade meat, fresh vegetables, and a variety of herbs.

We are also proud to be Europe’s first pet food company to use an approved and independent laboratory testing to guarantee the safety of every single batch that leaves our warehouse. Click HERE to read more.

We believe that Rawgeous is the best, safest, and tastiest raw pet food available. Don’t take our word for it, though. See see what our customers are saying for yourself.