Traceability & Transparency

Every bite of Rawgeous is crafted with love and backed by science. Every bite is ethically sourced using human grade  premium cut meats.

Our foods are made in a way simply not seen before. These foods are the first in Ireland to be 100% traceable from the farm of origin to the dogs bowl.  we source meat and veg from the human food chain. To prove this we laboratory test every  200kg batch of food made, something no company in Europe does. This means that there will never be a recall....ever. We also ethically source our meats, all factories who supply us have ISPCA Animal Welfare Officers in place to ensure their welfare, and ALL of our packaging is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


Kefir has antibiotic and anti fungal properties and helps prevent allergies. It promotes healthy skin and strengthens the digestive system. It can also help with heart burn, gas, Irritable bowel and upset stomachs.

All of our Kefir comes from Blakes Always Organic


Seaweed supports a positive immune response, with the overall outcome being a healthier gut. Pet owners may well observe the healthier gut through creation of firmer and well-formed stools. Packed with natural minerals present in seaweeds, OceanFeed™ Pet can also visibly enhance coat shine and conditioning.

All of our seaweed comes from Ocean Harvest Technology


Sage: Contains Vitamins A, E, and K which support bone, skin, and eye health in addition to promoting healthy immunity. It's loaded with trace minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and zinc to support balanced nutrition. The astringent properties of sage reduce redness and inflammation to heal skin infections and. The leaves can be used to ease gas or bloating contain rosmarinic acid which may reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Sage has Antioxidant and Antimicrobial properties naturally kill harmful pathogens that could cause infection. It also contains dietary fibre which supports healthy digestion and can relieve constipation and it's anti-inflammatory benefits may help relieve arthritis pain and other inflammatory conditions.

Parsley & Thyme

Parsley: Is a high fibre and great for your dogs digestion- its also a great breath freshener

Thyme: major health benefits- creates more healthy digestive tract and can also help with irritable bowel- it also aides in ousting parasites such as hookworm-

Omega Oils

Omega Oils support & ease stiff joints. It soothes skin complaints & keeps skin and coat healthy & can mean less shedding. It supports heart & brain health & development as well as bolstering the immune system, reducing allergies.

We source all of our Omega Oils from Healthy Hounds Nutrition

Only the best suppliers...

All Chickens come from the award winning Manor Farms dating back to 1775, we are proud to partner with manor farms for all our human grade best chicken available

All of our duck is sourced from the award winning Silver Hill Duck founded in 1965.

 Our beef come from Emerald Isle , a family owned and family run business located in County Kilkenny in the Southeast of Ireland.

All of our Turkey comes from the Crowes Farm based in the heart of the Golden Vale in Tipperary 


The Science

We independently test every 200kg batch.

This is carried out with the department of agriculture and ALT Laboratories

All manufacturing is done under the guidance of HACCAP.