Traceability & Transparency

Only The Best

Every bite of Rawgeous is crafted with love and backed by science. Our ingredients are ethically sourced and always fit for human consumption.

All of our ingredients are fully traceable from their origin to your dog's bowl, and we are the first company in Ireland to commit to this. We source our meat and vegetables from the human food market, and laboratory test every 200kg batch of food that we manufacture for Salmonella and other nasties.


Kefir offers a range of health benefits including promoting healthy skin, normal digestive functions, and reducing the risk of heartburn and upset stomachs. It also has antibiotic and antifungal properties.

Our Kefir comes from Blakes Always Organic


Seaweed supports a positive immune response and healthier gut function. Pet owners often observe firmer and well-formed stools as a result of seaweed supplementation. Packed with natural minerals present in seaweeds, OceanFeed™ Pet can also visibly enhance coat shine and conditioning.


Sage contains Vitamins A, E, and K which support bone, skin, and eye health in addition to promoting healthy immunity. It is loaded with traces of calcium calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and zinc which all offer health benefits. Sage's astringent properties can help heal skin infections and reduce inflammation too. Its leaves may reduce gas and bloating, and have naturally antimicrobial properties. It also contains dietary fibre which supports healthy digestion and can relieve constipation.

Parsley & Thyme

Parsley is a high fibre herb which supports healthy digestion and is a great breath freshener.

Thyme can support digestive system health and calm upset stomachs.

Omega oils

Omega oils support joint health. This is particularly important for more active and working dogs. I can help sooth skin complaints as well as support coat health. Omega oils are vital for good brain function and heart health. We source all of our omega oils from Healthy Hounds Nutrition.

Sourcing our meat from the best suppliers

All our meat is sourced from trusted partners including Manor Farms, Silver Hill Duck, Emerald Isle, and Crowes Farm. Wherever possible, all ingredients are sourced as locally as possible.

The Science

We independently test every 200kg batch.

This is carried out with the Department of Agriculture and ALT Laboratories

All manufacturing is done under the guidance of HACCAP.