Raw Puppy Food
Puppies Under 12 Weeks or Toy Dogs <5Kg
and Toy Dogs

Raw Dog Food For Puppies

If your dog is under 12 weeks old, they are still weaning. Their tiny-weeny teeth are still growing, and require a finely milled food to help them as they grow.

Equally, for dogs under 5kg, Toy Dogs, a finer food is definitely better simply because it's easier for their smaller mouths to handle.

We have two fantastic recipes to keep your growing pup, or tiny terror happy!

Recommended Recipes

Three Bird Puppy Mix

Packed with all the goodness your puppy or small dog needs! Available in our flexible pick 'n' mix box where you can choose as many or as little Three Bird Boxes as you want!

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Beef And Veg Mix

The boneless superpower meal packed with protein for a complete feed for pupsters and small dogs. Also available in our flexible Pick 'n' mix box.

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How Does Our Pick 'n' Mix Box work?

Our Rawgeous Pick 'n' Mix box is designed to be as easy as possible for the owner, and as delicious as possible for the pup. Simply select how much food you need delivered, the recipes you need and when you want it; and we'll handle the rest!

As your puppy grows up, you can easily switch to new recipes and choose from our fabulous selection of Raw food designed to keep dogs of all sizes and ages healthy and happy forever.

For guidance on how much food is required, you can use our calculator app in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, or, visit our handy guide instead.