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Raw Dog Food Delivered

Do you wish there was an easier way to source raw dog food for your pup?

Are you put off by the idea of preparing complete raw meals from scratch or confused by all the advice on what your dog needs for a perfect diet?

Are you nervous about committing to a long term subscription, but too busy to think about shopping every week?

Look no further than Rawgeous complete raw meals. Rawgeous deliveres premium dog food to your door. Ps, if you're unsure - this is what 8KG of food looks like in your freezer.

Flexible Subscriptions and Delivery Options

We deliver our premium quality raw dog food straight to your doorstep, taking the hassle out of feeding, ordering and planning in advance.

We know that no two months are the same, and no two dogs have the same needs or preferences. We also understand that transitioning to raw, or changing your dog's diet can take time and patience to get right. That's why we ensure our subscription model can be adapted to suit your schedule and your dog.

With flexible subscriptions, you can cancel, pause or change the make up of your order (including adding treats) at any time so you can adapt your boxes to suit your dog's tastebuds, appetite or level of activity.

With our convenient delivery options and flexible subscriptions, raw feeding has never been easier. Give your pup the best nutrition possible with Rawgeous raw dog.

Unsure about the switch between processed and raw? We've got you covered with this short article.

Help the Planet with Rawgeous Dog Food

As an added bonus, you can feel happy that with every delivery you are doing your bit for the environment, as all our boxes of raw deliciousness are packaged in Woolcool. A 100% natural insulation made from real wool. Biodegradable, reusable and safe for the environment. Find out more about our incredible packaging partner here.

Can I get a Woof Woof?!