Why Raw?

With a number of scientifically proven benefits including fewer health issues, reduced allergies and increased energy levels, the question you should be asking yourself is... why not!?

Why you should feed your dog Raw

Because quite simply it’s what animals were designed to eat. All domesticated pets are descended from the wolves and big cats they were in the wild, and however long they’ve been in our homes their stomachs are still designed to eat a fresh, primarily carnivorous diet, made up of meat, bone and a small amount of offal, with a balance of healthy vegetables that would be scavenged in their natural environment.


But why Rawgeous?

Rawgeous sources the highest quality human-grade ingredients from the butcher to give all dogs the ultimate, complete and balanced nutritional meals that they deserve.

We are also hot on testing, becoming the very first in Europe to test every single batch for nasties such as salmonella.

Finally, we want to do our bit for the environment, so we only ever use sustainable packaging that's 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

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Our 3 T's Process

Approved Traceability

All Rawgeous ingredients are batch coded using our unique and approved coding system to the approved factory/farm of origin guaranteeing traceability from farm to bowl.

Approved Testing

Our approved testing regime means that every production batch is tested in an approved independent laboratory, prior to selling. This ensures zero salmonella and minimal bacterial counts.

Approved Trust

We employ a food safety management agency 'HACCP' consultant to work with the Department of Agriculture to ensure best practice , guaranteeing you meats, vegetables, seaweeds and oils from Irelands leading manufacturers.