Raw Dog Food Benefits: 13 Reasons to Switch to Raw

A Raw Dog Food Diet That Makes For Healthier Dogs and Happier Owners

Raw dog food has a lot of benefits that often get overlooked. For one, it can help improve your dog's digestion since the ingredients are all-natural and easy to break down. Additionally, raw dog food can give your pup more energy and make their coat shinier and teeth stronger and cleaner. Even doggy breath improves when they eat raw diets! In this article we discuss how a more primal way of eating can lead to a happier, healthier dog and how from energy to a better coat, time and time again we see owners seeing the raw dog food benefits.

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The Benefits Of Raw Dog Food:

Raw diets are typically more nutrient-rich than kibble feed, and can help to improve your dog's digestion and overall health. Packed with nutrients and vitamins that are essential to the health of your pet, a raw food diet will help pets maintain a healthy weight, because better nutrition leads to more energy, and higher all round fitness.

Raw dog food is also easy to digest so it is not only healthier for pets, but gentle on your dog's gut and can help prevent allergies.

A raw food diet should contain fresh meat, bones and be high in protein, mirroring the natural diet of a wild dog. A biologically appropriate raw diet such as Rawgeous pet food does not contain any chemicals, additives or fillers.

Feeding raw meat can actually be less expensive than buying commercial dog food, but to access the full benefits of raw, you want a complete balanced meal containing the correct vitamins, minerals and probiotics such as Rawgeous. We use only the highest quality meat and fresh vegetables and your boxes can be tailored to your pet's specific dietary needs.

Although the benefits of raw food diets are now well understood by dog nutritionists but if you're thinking of making the switch to raw food, you need to do your research and talk to your veterinarian first.

What we can say, is that our dog owners have noticed not only that their pets are looking fitter but they're happier too when they eat pure raw nutrition.

Raw is simple and natural. Alongside premium raw meat, Rawgeous meals include natural food items such as bones, fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals. There are no confusing chemicals or preservatives that you would find in processed foods so you won't need a degree in science to understand the nutrition labels on our boxes. We also see that our dogs eat up every morsel in their bowl, because more flavour means less waste.

Why Rawgeous is the Rolls Royce of Raw Food Diets

Not all raw dog food is created equal. Rawgeous pet food is exceptional because we use human grade quality, prime cuts of raw meat and bones to feed our dogs. Rawgeous dog food meets all the nutritional needs of your pet and provides a range of health benefits. Its a meal you could almost eat yourself (though your pets might get jealous).


Rawgeous Ambassadogs

Why Dogs Need a Raw Food Diet

Raw feeding will support an active life for your pets, and will result in clear health benefits. Noticeable changes may include weight loss (where a dog was previously carrying unnecessary fat), a shinier coat, brighter eyes, cleaner teeth and skin free from allergies and irritation.

These external signs indicate internal improvements in digestion and bone health.

Our owners happily report that their dogs have increased energy to play and run, and they have a happier, calmer dog in the home. A dog with a healthy gut will also have smaller, firmer stools with less of a pong. Always a positive we're sure you'll agree.


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Fussy Eaters

Rawgeous caters for all tastes. We have created single-protein meals for fussy dogs, or dogs with allergies and low fat meals for overweight dogs. Single proteins include: chicken, turkey, lamb or beef.

Rawgeous is naturally hypoallergenic, so it should be the only choice for dogs with sensitive tummies or allergy issues.

All our meals are carefully balanced to create optimal health for your pet, and our 3 Ts testing protocols mean you can feed raw without the risk of bacterial nasties.


A dog with allergies

Less Irritation and Reduced Allergies

Uncooked, unprocessed food is the perfect choice for dogs with sensitive tummies or allergies. It is naturally hypoallergenic without additives and chemical preservatives, so it can help your dog manage allergies and remove the pain of skin irritation as good gut health leads to good skin health. Our raw food meals are mixed, not processed, so they retain all the natural goodness of the fresh ingredients. Dogs of all ages will not only love the raw meaty taste but the freedom from allergies and skin issues.

Improved digestion

Processed food can be difficult for dogs to digest, because it contains fillers and other additives that can irritate the gut. Raw dog food is made with only natural ingredients, so it is much easier on the digestive system. This means that dogs who switch to a raw diet will often have fewer problems with gas, bloating, and diarrhea.

Raw diets can also be helpful for dogs with health issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease.


Improved Mental Stimulation

A natural diet can also improve your dog's behaviour. Because they are getting all the nutrients to fuel their brain and feed their body, they will be able to think more clearly and be active in a healthy way. This can result in a calmer, happier dog who is less likely to bark or become destructive when bored.


Feeding your Dogs Brain:

A healthy, well-balanced diet is essential for your dog's mental development and overall health. Just as with humans, what your dog eats affects their brain function and mood.

Raw diets are particularly beneficial for cognitive function, as they contain all the nutrients needed for optimal brain health. The high-quality proteins, fats, and enzymes in raw dog food help to support cognitive function and keep your dog's mind sharp.

Omega oils contain fatty acids that can also go someway to protect against age-related cognitive decline.


Healthier skin and coat

Eating a raw diet can also improve your dog's skin and coat through improved digestion. High quality protein will make their skin healthy, their nails strong, and keep their coat shiny and soft. Omega 3 found in all Rawgeous meals also adds to coat shine and health.


Dogs running on the beach

Increased energy levels

Dogs on healthy, raw food diets often have increased energy levels. This is because they are getting all the nutrients they need from their food, and their bodies are able to absorb them more easily. Raw dog food is also easier for dogs to digest, so they don't use up as much energy doing it. Your dogs will be naturally tired out at the end of a long day playing, so will sleep better and be calmer in the home. Health benefits for the body and soul of both dogs and owners!


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Stronger Bones and Supple Joints

A raw diet can improve your dog's bone and joint health. This is because it contains omega 3 fatty acids, essential components in the maintenance of healthy joints and immune system.

Raw feeding provides a nutritious diet that can help reduce any inflammation and consequent joint, pain and optimise mobility and joint function.

Plus, the calcium found in Rawgeous bones will improve your pets own bone health and strength.


Smaller, Less Smelly Stools

Raw feeding can lead to firmer and smaller stools that are less smelly. This is because the nutrients in raw food are more easily absorbed by the dog's gut, leading to less waste.

Rawgeous is high in fibre and uniquely contains the fantastic OceanFeed™ Pet, which contains a range of beneficial minerals found in seaweed which are now recognised as being fabulous for dog gut health and all round nutrition.


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Help Maintain A Healthy Weight

A raw dog food diet including meat, bone and vegetables,plus that all important omega 3 will help your dog maintain a healthy weight. This is because raw food is more easily digested and absorbed by the body than processed food, so your dog will get all of its nutrients and moisture from less food. Raw diets are generally lower in calories and as protein and bone are more satiating than dried food filled with filler, your dog will stop when full and not overeat, so it's a great way to help your dog get leaner, stronger and fitter.

A raw diet can also help your dog to build lean muscle mass, as it is packed with protein. This means that your dog will be able to burn more calories, with a higher metabolism, even at rest. So, if you are looking for a way to help your dog slim down a raw food diet is a great option.

We like to say that a healthy dog makes for a happy human.

When your dog is fitter, more active and more playful, you can enjoy exercising alongside them.


Natural Ingredients for better Oral Health

Unlike kibble, raw dog foods contain ingredients that are rich in enzymes. These enzymes help to clean the teeth and gums while the dog is eating. This, coupled with the lack of artificial fillers, sugars or starches, helps to prevent oral diseases and tooth decay. Furthermore, a raw diet can give your dog's breath a sweeter scent.

Raw meat contains phosphorus, which is essential for healthy teeth and bones. In addition, the chewing required to eat raw meat can help to keep your dog's teeth clean and strong.


Sageis added to Rawgeous Raw Dog Food

Boost your Dog's Immune System

The plant sage, which is found in Rawgeous raw food, is known for its antimicrobial properties, which destroy dangerous pathogens as well as reinforcing your dog's immune system. In addition, the plant's natural dietary fibre is renowned for relieving constipation, and it is an anti-inflammatory so it can lessen arthritic pain.

Vitamins A, E, and K, which are all found in the sage plant, support the health of a dog's bone, skin, coat and eye health. They also promote healthy immunity.

What to Know Before you transition to a Raw Dog Food Diet

Do Your Research

Always do your research to make sure you are feeding them the right type of raw food diet. Read up on the products available in the raw food market, and understand why premium cuts of quality meat and a balanced meal are important. Raw feeding isn't as simple as buying a raw steak. A dog needs a carefully balanced and nutritionally complete diet.

At Rawgeous we pride ourselves on our testing protocols, but please be aware that not all raw dog food producers have the industry leading, independent testing systems in place that we do. Be aware of the potential risks associated with raw diets, such as bacteria or parasites, and choose wisely.

How to Start: Allergy Testing

Raw dog food can be a great way to test for allergies in your pet. Many owners start by feeding their pet single proteins to see if there are any that might cause an upset stomach or other problems. This can be compared to the FODMAP plan that the NHS employs for human allergy testing.


What to Know: Preparation & Cleaning

We have already emphasized the importance of choosing high-quality ingredients (both meat and bone) but you also need to prepare raw meals so that they are safe for your dog to eat.

It is of course important to handle any raw meat product or bones carefully.

You will need to be prepared for some mess. At Rawgeous we use environmentally sustainable packaging and once the meat is defrosted our food containers may drip onto your surfaces. Please ensure you clean countertops to remove any bacteria, and wash your hands thoroughly after feeding just as you would when cooking for yourself.


If you really must... Cooking your Pet Food

Some owners are squeamish about raw and are scared about potential risks. Please check out our FAQs to learn about our industry-leading testing protocols. We're proud that EVERY batch of Rawgeous is independently tested for salmonella and other bacteria so if properly stored and prepared, you can feed your dog without fear!

A healthy Rawgeous meal whether cooked or raw, can only be better than a processed product, but remember that your dog was a wild animal before it was a domesticated pet and its tummy is still designed for raw feeding.

As a reminder, the benefits of raw foods with the correct amount of omega-3, vitamins and probiotics: optimum nutrition, a boosted immune system, a stronger body and a happier pet.

That's why we say: raw meaty goodness is always a raw-some choice (see what we did there).

However, here at Rawgeous we don't judge, so if you want your muscle meat cooked so whilst we would always recommend feeding 100% raw diets, Rawgeous meals CAN be cooked. 


There is extensive research to show that raw has many benefits. We have highlighted just some of the benefits of raw but to recap: it can improve your dog's immune system and digestive health, as well as increase their energy levels and make them happier overall.

There are no real downsides to switching to a healthy, fresh, raw diet for your animal. Just like humans are encouraged to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables, your pet should be encouraged to eat more of the thing they are designed to!

Any questions:

Before transitioning to raw pet food, or moving away from processed food such as tinned meat or kibble, you're bound to have questions about the risks.

Check out our FAQ section, as many of our customers questions have been answered there. This section covers the basics of raw dog food diets, and give helpful advice on how to safely prepare our raw food for your pup or puppy. Head to the Learn section of our website for some longer blog articles. Here you can read up on Health and Nutrition. Find out more about, How Much To Feed,  Feeding In general and our champion Rawgeous dogs.

Why not give Rawgeous a try today to get you pup on the best path to dietary perfection!