Whole Body Benefits of Raw Dog Food

Offering your pet or working dog a raw-based diet can bring a number of whole-body benefits. These are just some of the benefits we have noticed after moving our own dogs onto a raw diet:

  • Coat and skin condition often improves within days or weeks of changing diets. Skin reactions can be caused by allergies or intolerances to ingredients found in processed feeds which raw alternatives largely eliminate. Short ingredient lists also make identifying allergens simpler and easier which can subsequently be eliminated from your pet or working dog’s diet
  • Unlike most kibbles and other processed feeds, a raw diet products contain minimal or zero added sugars. This significantly reduces the risk of dental disease, tooth decay, and bad breath. Raw is the most dental friendly way to feed a dog, and an excellent preventative measure which can yield a myriad of long-term positive results
  • Dogs find raw diets easiest to process and derive nutritional benefit from. Raw food is thought to support gut health, and an overall healthier digestive system. Owners often comment that their dogs’ stools are smaller, smell less, and firmer after they have been offered a few weeks of a raw diet
  • Dogs often lose excessive bodyfat on transitioning to a raw diet. A lack of unnecessary starch-based additives reduce calorific intake which promotes weight loss when combined with adequate exercise. In turn, this reduces the risk of a range of health conditions such as arthritis and cardiovascular disease
  • As raw diets offer high levels of protein, they often allow dogs to develop more muscle and improved muscular tone. When combined with appropriate exercise, this is one of the best ways to promote exercise tolerance and quality of life as a dog ages