Champion Dogs Fuelled On Rawgeous

Everyone who feeds their dog Rawgeous is a champion, but we wanted to share the story of Katrina Hand, her son Blair and their lovely dogs who have been competing at national and international levels.

Katrina comes from an agility background, and along with her son, Blair they have been taking their dogs Rapid and Minx to compete against other pooches in a variety of pentathlon, biathlon and steeplechase competitions.

Having previously fed her dogs a very high quality dry food diet, Katrina thought all was well, that was until her youngest Rapid, began to run into some issues. After speaking to a friend, who suggested moving Rapid onto a raw diet, Katrina gave it a go. 

Competing with Rawgeous 

After trying several raw brands, it wasn’t until Rapid tried Rawgeous until they found the perfect match. Attracted to the premium quality and traceable ingredients, compostable packaging, and the fact that Rawgeous is a family-run business lead by an extremely helpful founder, Lorraine, Katrina then decided to transition all her dogs onto Rawgeous!

Katrina knew that to compete at a high level, the dogs needed to be in top condition both mentally and physically. Working on speed, skills, discrimination and thinking speed, after a few sessions Katrina noticed improvements in the dogs performance, and general wellbeing.

Katrina and Blair also found the perfect, mess-free training treats in Rawgeous sausages. Convenient to travel with and packed full of goodness, Katrina now cuts their sausages up into pieces ahead of physio and stretching exercises. 

Winner, Winner, Rawgeous Dinner

After the lockdown was lifted, Katrina and Blair began to travel across the UK to compete in events with their dogs, but this time they were all fuelled by Rawgeous. Their first big show couldn’t have gone any better, as both Katrina and Blair won places on Agility Team Scotland to see them invited to compete at the World Agility Open in the Netherlands, in May 202???. 

The three dogs achieved numerous podium places, winning several individual classes. This included gold and silver places in the games and the CSJ Nationals. Katrina, Blair and Rapid came 4th in the National Finals, and were also runner ups in the Futurity award. Sizzle also won the Team Scotland Super win on spot with over 100 points!

Speaking with Rawgeous founder, Lorraine, Katrina said: 

“It is all about the partnership with your dog and ensuring that they are confident and happy. It helps immensely to know that our dogs are fuelled on great food. All the dogs are looking great, their coats shine, they are running well and their poos are far smaller than before.”

“We plan to travel extensively throughout the UK over this summer for both competitions and training, so having the support of Rawgeous to keep the dogs going during this busy schedule is invaluable.”

The Rawgeous team would like to thank Katrina, Blair and their pooches for sharing their story. We wish them all the best for their summer competitions as well as looking forward to hearing about how they get on at the World Agility Open in 2020. Keep up the great work, champions!