Why I'm Evangelical about Rawgeous: A Dog Behaviourist's Perspective

Not all raw is created equal, and there are reasons that I am evangelical about Rawgeous, and their names are Bonny, Doris, Roxy, Nino and Judge! I want to give you a little insight into the areas that I genuinely feel, through diet alone, that there have been huge positive impacts on my dog's health and behaviour. This is not just a raw diet, I have tried dozens of raw brands without the same effects; I'm talking specifically about Rawgeous.

Let's start with the story of Bonny, she is now a 14-year-old Staffy, and throughout her life has struggled with a sensitive tummy. She has struggled with IBD like symptoms, and I have never been able to find something which brings consistency to her motions like I have found with Rawgeous. I rescued her from a terrible situation when she was younger, and she had been fed a terrible diet which I feel has contributed to her poor gut health. With Rawgeous, she is no longer vomiting or struggling with a poorly tummy. I have also seen a almost complete reduction in her coprophagia (poop eating) which can be linked with nutritional deficiencies.

Then there's Doris, my delightful little chihuahua, who has the potential to put on weight really easily. She was a chunky girl prior to being on Rawgeous and it was always a tricky balance between her feeling constantly hungry or putting on too much weight. I have to say that I have found a perfect system in Rawgeous. She feels full but is also able to maintain a good weight (when he grandad doesn't overfeed her snacks!).

Roxy's struggle with skin allergies was a constant worry, marked by discomfort and incessant itching - particularly of her paws and ears. The single protein options provided by Rawgeous played a crucial role in managing her dietary needs. This change in her diet substantially alleviated her allergies, leading to a much happier and comfortable life. Don't get me wrong, she still needs the medication that she is on for her allergies, but these alone have not provided her with the benefits that a suitable protein diet has achieved.

Nino's story is particularly close to my heart. He is my brother's dog that I rescued (he was going to be mine after my brother fostered him, but they fell in love). The one downside to Nino who is just the most wonderful boy, is that he smells. Bad. He WAS the kind of dog that would coat your hand with dirt and oil when you stroked him. I say WAS, because since being on Rawgeous this has changed completely. He is a large, entire male, and he was just greasy and smelly. He also used to poo around 5/6 times per day (dogs should only poo around 1-2 times) and now this is normal. The other huge benefit that Rawgeous has bought is Nino's love of mealtimes. He used to be apathetic when his bowl of kibble was put down and he wouldn't leave his bed. You could feel his disappointment. Since being on Rawgeous, his enthusiasm is heartwarming, and he follows my brother every time he goes to the kitchen to see if it's time for his meal. Nino had an absolutely awful life prior to being rescued and used to stare at the wall in the corner of a room, and was scared of the dark, so to see him so excited and coming out of his shell - almost being a little cheeky, is just the best feeling ever and Rawgeous has been a huge contribution to that.

Judge is a new boy. He is an exempt pitbull and has lived his entire life in kennels. His little face when he first got to try Rawgeous was amazing! His wag did not stop the whole way through the meal. I have also seen a huge difference in his toileting - I won't go into all the gory details, but there's a whole lot less of it! I can also see the difference in his hydration levels when on Rawgeous. On kibble, he was drinking bowl after bowl of water - seemingly thirsty all the time, but it has reduced to normal levels.

Beyond My Own Pack: Client Success Stories
In my professional journey, the positive impact of Rawgeous extends beyond my own dogs. I've witnessed remarkable improvements in the dogs of my clients, ranging from enhanced coat quality to better digestive health and behavioural changes. These transformations have only strengthened my belief in the power of a quality raw diet.

A Call to Action for Dog Owners
If you're contemplating a dietary switch for your dog, consider this a testament to the power of a high-quality raw diet. Rawgeous isn't just about feeding your dog; it's about enhancing their quality of life in every aspect.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to explore what Rawgeous has to offer. It's an opportunity to elevate your dog's health and happiness with a diet that is nutritious, balanced, and thoroughly enjoyable. Witness the remarkable difference it can make in your dog’s life with Rawgeous. 🐾