Storing your RAWGEOUS Pet Food & Feeding Guide


Your Rawgeous Pet Food will be delivered to your door frozen. Please ensure you put your boxes straight into your so that they stay frozen for optimum product quality and food safety.

Before you feed, you’ll need to allow your Rawgeous food to thaw in the fridge, (each box is self contained so is perfectly safe in a normal fridge). If you keep the boxes in the fridge, your food can be stored for 4 days, so you can thaw the next day’s food overnight.

Preparation and Hygiene

Our Rawgeous Pet Food is triple tested to ensure it is free of bacteria and nasties, but as with any raw meat product there are hygiene measures required once you have removed it from the fridge as it will quickly reach room temperature.  Wash your hands before and after (we’ve all got used to this lately), and clean all surfaces used to prepare the raw pet food. Wash your pet’s food bowl after they have finished their meal (even if they’ve licked the bowl clean) with hot soapy water and rinse with water at the end to remove any traces of soap.

How Much to Feed

We recommend feeding approximately 2.5% of the animal’s body weight daily but every dog is an individual and has a different level of activity and may need to eat more or less depending on its body condition. In Winter or after a lot of exercise you may need to feed slightly more, if a dog is overweight and or in Summer you may need to feed less. 

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How much do I need to feed my puppy? 

Experts recommend around 2.5% of a puppy’s adult weight daily, but as a puppy grows that can change quickly and as all puppies will have individual needs based on their level of activity this is just a guideline. We suggest you contact us with any concerns or questions, and our family Dog Whisperer; a dog breeder and raw pet food feeder can give advice.

We advise feeding twice a day, so divide the recommended daily food portion in two and throw away anything left in the bowl.

For a more comprehensive guide on how much food to feed your pup, check out our Raw Food Calculator Guide

Always supervise feeding, particularly during the early stages of transitioning to raw. 

Still got questions, try our addition tips on moving to Raw, our FAQs section or contact us at: