The Benefits Of A Raw Diet

Once you see the benefits of a raw pet food diet we’re convinced you’ll never feed your pet anything else.

Just to share some of the many ways that a raw pet food diet will result in a healthier pet and a happier owner…

Lets talk about… Poop

On average fecal volume of a pet on a raw food diet is a fifth of that from dogs on dry food (kibble). The faeces won’t stink and will be a manageable consistency, and will turn white and powdery and disappear (though we don’t suggest you keep them around at home to study that process... we’ve done the research so you don’t have to)

Pearly Whites:

Animals on a raw pet food diet have clean, healthy white teeth and generally have no need for dental cleaning by a vet as the diet is easily digested, and the teeth won’t be clogged up by dried or processed food remnants.

Lean and Mean:

If a pet is fed a raw food diet at the recommended quantity for its weight, you should see a leaner, more energetic animal with no risk of obesity and a lowered risk of diabetes.

Because They’re Worth It:

The results aren’t all internal, you’ll notice that your pet’s coat will be glossier or silkier (depending on the breed) and their eyes will be brighter and clearer. Health starts from within but after three months on a raw food diet the benefits will be visible.

Eternal Youth (Well almost):

Pet food that is whole, fresh, and uncooked helps your pet’s body fend off aging, improving cell oxygenation, metabolism, and renewal; giving your pet the tools to fight off diseases with a stronger immune system and healthier gut.

Remember it doesn’t happen overnight:

Transitioning your pet to raw may take several weeks. Just as with humans it takes time to adapt to a new diet so to see the full benefits of Rawgeous Pet Food we strongly recommend committing to at least three months of feeding your animal a Rawgeous Pet Food diet. After three months you should expect to see a positive change in your animal’s behaviour and appearance and notice that they are happier, healthier, more energetic and that their meals satiate them.

If you have any questions about transitioning your pet to Rawgeous Pet Food please check out our articles on Raw Pet Food including Tips to Transitioning to Raw Dog Food , Our Feeding Guide, or see if the answer you’re looking for is in our FAQs.

If you still have questions please get in touch. We’re passionate about sharing the benefits of a raw pet food diet with you.