The best food for senior dogs | It's never too late to change!

If you have a more ‘senior’ pet, you may feel that he or she is too old to start a new diet (and some of us might identify with that!) but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you want your beloved pet to live out their days happily and healthily then a raw pet food is the best way to show there’s life in the old dog yet. 

A healthy, balanced raw pet food diet may help you avoid the over-use of anti-inflammatory drugs, and frequent trips to the vet. 

A raw pet food diet can also protect against dental and gastrointestinal disease, problems with the liver and kidneys, hormonal imbalance, skin problems, obesity, 

So what is the magic ingredient in raw pet food that helps keep our dogs healthy? Well, it’s not magic. It’s simple… 

High quality, human grade, human cuts of meat from known sources for farm to bowl transparency and quality reassurance.The correct balance of calcium (ideally from whole bone), a small amount of offal, fresh vegetables and greens, probiotics, Omega-3 fatty acids, and seaweeds. These are superfoods with the correct nutritional balance for your dog to maintain a healthy immune system and fight off disease. It’s the diet that a wild dog would seek out for itself through hunting and foraging and it doesn’t need ‘added’ vitamins and minerals that you will see listed on a pack of kibble, because the food contains all the vitamins and enzymes your dogs needs: naturally. 

We can see the same effects in dogs as we do in humans who have a poor diet. Inflammation, low energy, obesity and a depressed temperament. Dogs who are fed solely on dry, processed kibble devoid of anything fresh can be prone to visible symptoms. Their eyes can be dull, ears gooey, joints painful with arthritis. Often their fur will be dry and lacks shine, their belly can be pendulous and their nails brittle. Their stool fluctuates from loose to hard, and they’re constantly panting and at their water bowl. 

As your dog ages, it will slow down and they will lose some of the energy of their youth but that doesn’t mean your dog can’t be healthy and doesn’t still deserve the best diet possible. 

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