Traceable Tested and Trusted

Why You Can Trust Us

We were Europe’s first pet food to use approved, independent laboratory testing to guarantee the safety of every single batch that leaves our warehouse.

We have Department of Agriculture vets on site so everything we produce is approved and traceable for the Human food chain.

As part of our continuous improvement and guaranteed quality, we regularly spot check and lab test our suppliers’ ingredients before production.

During production, every batch is sent for an independent laboratory test, for Enterobacteriaceae-Salmonella and Ecoli, each batch result is then sent to the Department of Agriculture to maintain the highest standards and regulations.

All Raw Pet Foods must pass regulations and tests as set out in EU Directives EU Directives No. 1069/2009 & 142/201.

Our tests must show an enterobacterial count of less than 5,000 parts and 0 salmonella per gram of meat (expressed in CFU/g). A gram of meat contains close to 1 billion cells, so our rawgeous pet foods are tested to guarantee that they have less than 5000 parts per billion bacteria and zero salmonella.