Duck &
Veg Mix

Rich & hypoallergenic

One of our popular mixes

One of our original and popular mixes, this Duck & Veg is the perfect feed for dogs with allergies. We use the finest Duck legs and along with the Turkey offal it makes a great complete and balanced meal. No need to add any extras as its packed with all the goodness your dog needs in a meal.

Composition: Minced Irish Duck and Carcass, turkey liver, turkey kidney, carrot,  Seasonal Greens (Broccoli or Kale),  salmon oil, seaweed, thyme, sage, parsley

Available in our subscription box

The numbers

70% Minced Irish Duck and Carcass
15% Minced Turkey Offal
10% Minced Irish Carrot and Seasonal Greens
3% Oils, Seaweed, Seed and Herbs

Analytical constituents:
Protein: 18%
Fat: 12.8%
Fibre: 1%
Moisture: 65.8%
Ash: 2.4%
Kcal: 190