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When it comes to raw feeding for adult dogs, aiming for about 2-3% of your dog's body weight per day and split into two meals is vital. A 20-kilo healthy adult dog should eat about 500 grams of raw food daily.

Since variety is key when feeding raw, we suggest a minimum of 2-3 proteins is recommended when transitioning to a new diet. A great place to start is 1-3 proteins in the beginning and slowly introduce more. We recommend deciding which proteins your dog likes best, adjusting from there, and determining the ratios of each protein that work best for your pup.

For example, if you feed a 25 Kilo Vizla a total of 625 grams of food daily, you could include 300 grams each of ground beef and chicken and then the balance with Duck & Veg. As always, the amounts will vary based on your pet's size and activity level.

How do I calculate the amount of raw food I should feed my dog?

Calculating how much raw food to feed your pet is relatively easy. To determine your pet’s ideal weight, you can

  • Use our Raw Dog Food Calculator to calculate their weight based on their breed.
  • Adult dogs should receive 2-3% of their body weight in raw food daily. So ensure they are getting adequate nutrition throughout all stages of development.
  • If your adult dog has an ideal weight of 25 kilos, calculate the daily amount of raw food needed by multiplying 25 kilos. Thus, this particular adult dog should receive about 625 grams of raw food daily to maintain a healthy diet!

What factors affect the amount of food I feed my dog?

While body weight and activity level are the main considerations when feeding your dog, there are also a few other factors you need to remember, including:

  • The metabolism of your dog
  • The quality of the food you feed them
  • How much exercise your dog does daily
  • Your dog's age and breed
  • Whether or not your dog has been castrated or spayed
  • If your dog needs to gain, maintain, or lose weight

How much do I feed my puppy?

As your puppy grows, we understand how much raw food they need daily and adjust the amount accordingly. Though puppies have different nutritional needs than adult dogs and should be fed more frequently, our Raw Dog Food Calculator will give you the exact quantity of food that can vary depending on their size and breed. Generally speaking, puppies should be fed as follows:

Your Puppy’s Age Amount to Feed
4-6 weeks Feed as desired
7-10 weeks 8-10% of recommended weight
10-16 weeks 7-8% of recommended weight
16-20 weeks 6-7% of recommended weight
20-24 weeks 5-6% of recommended weight
24-36 weeks 4-5% of recommended weight
36-56 weeks 3-4% of recommended weight
56-68 weeks 2.5-3.5% of recommended weight
68+ weeks (Adult) 2-3% of recommended weight

How much raw food is safe for puppies to eat?

When it comes to puppies, their smaller bodies and brittle bones require more protection and nutrition than the average adult dog. Of course, your puppy's size will determine how much food it needs. The larger the pup, the more food is required.

Generally speaking, puppies need about twice as much energy as an adult dog for each pound of body weight. So, when feeding your pup raw food, aim for a daily quantity twice as much as an adult dog would eat.

How do I get my dog’s correct weight?

Accurately estimating your dog's weight is important when determining how much raw food to feed your pup. Fortunately, we have a few ways to determine your adult dog's or puppy's approximate weight.

For Puppies

  • Estimate the adult weight by taking their current weight at a given age and multiplying it by 52 divided by the age in weeks.
  • For example, if your puppy is 14 weeks old and weighs 10 kilos, their estimated adult weight would be around 40 kilos
  • Typically, pups double in size from 4 months, so often use this as your calculation starting point.
For Medium & Large-sized Dogs
  • For medium and large-sized dogs at 14 weeks of age, multiply the current puppy weight by 2.5 to get an estimated adult weight.
  • For instance, if your 14-week-old pup weighs 10 kilos today, its estimated adult weight would be around 25 kilos.

What should I do if my dog doesn’t like raw food?

If your dog does not respond positively to the transition to a raw diet, don't worry! We have plenty of things you can do to make the switch smoother.

Slowly introduce raw food into their diet instead of going all in. Start with just 10-15% and gradually increase this amount until the transition is complete. This gradual adjustment period could take between two weeks to a few weeks.

Can I give my dog treats if they’re raw-fed?

Yes, you can give your dog raw treats as part of their raw-fed diet! Remember, treats should not make up more than 10-15% of their overall diet (1% during puppyhood), with the remainder of their meals consisting of complete and balanced raw meals.

Some examples of safe raw treats you can include in your dog's diet are carrot chunks, bananas, and blueberries. You can also provide dehydrated and frozen raw meat treats such as the Rawgoues treats, which include venison cubes, Duck cubes, and fish skins.

When feeding your dogs a raw diet, treats from a reliable source like ours are a must. Contact us with any concerns, and we will answer you immediately!

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