Turkey, Duck and Veg

Great Raw Food for Dogs with Allergies

Perfect for dogs with allergies

This is a great choice for dogs with allergies. Duck & Turkey provide a lean yet hypoallergenic feed for dogs. Its a great alternative to dogs with allergies to chicken. This meal is complete and balanced to exceed FEDIAF standards which means you dot need to supplement in any way. We have done all the work for you ! 

Composition: Whole duck with bone, Turkey thigh and leg meat, turkey liver, duck heart, carrot, Seasonal Greens (Broccoli or Kale)  , hemp seed powder,  salmon oil, wheat germ oil, seaweed, thyme, sage, parsley

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The Numbers

40% Minced Whole Irish Duck and Heart
35% Minced Irish Turkey Leg Meat
12% Minced Irish Turkey Liver
10% Minced Irish Carrot and Seasonal Greens
3% Oils, Seaweed, Seed and Herbs

Analytical constituents:
Protein: 15%
Fat: 17%
Fibre: 0.5%
Moisture: 64%
Ash: 1.7%
Kcal: 206